Eighth Avenue Marketing is a boutique marketing agency that prides itself on delivering customised solutions for your marketing needs to achieve your business objectives. There has been great debate on where our name came from but for now that remains a mystery but let’s just say that it is named after one of the most inspirational Avenue’s in the world. Eighth Avenue Marketing has specialised in the jewellery industry for over 10-years with direct marketing and online solutions. In 2011 we launched a world first program called the window tag GENERATOR which has quickly been picked up by jewellers across Australia and New Zealand and in late 2012 we will be launching our online program in England and the United States.

In 2012 we were appointed to manage rising Australian sports star Jessica Fox who won a silver medal at the London Olympics. Since that magical moment the Eighth Avenue Marketing and sports management team have swung into full gear, securing several sponsors. ‘its actually about finding what client fits perfectly for Jess, she is one of the youngest speakers on the Australian speaking circuit and can offer clients so much when it comes to endorsing brands or motivating businesses. We are focused on securing local and national sponsors. At 18 she is light years ahead of her age’ said Graham Chapman from Eighth Avenue Management team

In 2012 we also secured rising golf star Tom Simm, based in London Tom is destined for greater things in the future and the Eighth Avenue sports management team is happy to be committed to achieving his goals.

To secure Jessica Fox or Tom Simm please follow this link.